The Bean & Leaf Cafe lunch menu features an array of soups, salads and sandwiches to satisfy any appetite. Browse our menu below for a description of our daily lunch menu items.


Avocado is $1.50 more on Sandwiches

Our bread is sourced locally from Iggy’s Bread of the World, in Cambridge. Choose from our seven different types of Iggy’s Bread and then we’ll help you build your dream sandwich! Every sandwich is customized to your liking. We can even grill it on our panini machine. All sandwiches include lettuce and tomato.


Bread Choices
Sourdough White or Wheat, Seven-grain, French Baguette, White or Wheat Rollup

Cheese Choices
American, Swiss, Boursin, Cheddar, Provolone, Fresh Mozzarella, Pepperjack

* Additional cheese, hummus, grapeleaves or tabbouli are an additional .75 per serving
* Additional avocado is $1 per serving

Smoked Turkey, cheese & Avocado – $11.00
Roast Beef & Boursin – $10.00
Smoked Ham & Cheese – $10.00
Prosciutto & Brie – $12.00
Tuna – $9.50
Tuna & Cheese – $10.00
Tuna Melt – $10.00
BLT – $7.00
BLT  w/Cheese – $7.50
BLT w/Avocado – $8.00
Egg Salad    $8.00
Egg Salad w/Avocado – $9.50
Turkey Club – $11.50
Chicken Club – $12.00
Italian  – $12.00
Taco Rollup – $12.00
Grilled Cheese – $7.50

Chicken Rollups – $12.00

Price update – Includes all of the sandwiches listed below

Chicken Curry, Southwest Chicken, Chicken Avocado, Tarragon, Rainbow, Healthy Chicken, buffalo chicken, Chicken Club, Greek Chicken, Ceasar Chicken

Choice of White or Wheat Pita

Our signature rollups! All of our chicken rollups are made with baked 100% white meat. All rollups served with lettuce & carrots.

Classic chicken salad that you’ve grown to love.

Fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato and red pepper, fresh basil in a balsamic vinegar dressing

Fresh avocado, basil, red bell peppers, and celery mixed with seasoned chicken.

This colorful and delicious sandwich is made with red and green apples, dried cranberries, parsley, and corn covered in a special dressing.

Avocado, black beans, corn, tomato, and red onion tossed in a refreshingly lite vinaigrette dressing.

Our buffalo chicken comes baked not fried. Topped with blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and red onion.

Chicken Rollup
Nothing fancy here, just seasoned chicken breast with honey mustard, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and sprouts.

Greek Chicken Rollup
Roasted chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, feta, olives, onions, carrots, cucumbers, and Greek dressing

Caesar Chicken Rollup
Roasted chicken breast, lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons and Classic Caesar dressing. (Anchovies upon request)

Chicken Club Rollup
Roasted chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and mayo.  (add avocado for $1.00 more)

Middle Eastern/Veggie Sandwiches

Falafel Rollup – $12.00
Homemade falafel with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, carrots, feta, red onions & tahini sauce. (add Hummus for additional .50)

Middle Eastern Rollup – $13.00
Hummus, falafel, grape leaves, tabbouleh, cucumber, olives, and feta covered with tahini sauce.

Super Veggie Rollup – $9.50
This roughage powerhouse comes with romaine, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, red onions and a choice of dressing.

Avocado & Cheese – $9.00
A sandwich you won’t find anyplace else. An avocado lover’s dream. Mounds of avocado topped with your choice of cheese.

Classic Grilled Cheese Melt – $7.50
Like Mom used to make, but without all the nagging! Your choice of cheeses.

Greek Salad Rollup (no Chicken)– $9.50
Let’s face it. The star of this show is feta cheese – and we deliver. Tons of feta with all the veggies. Add chicken for an extra $1.50.

Hummus Rollup – $10.00

Ceasar Salad Rollup – $9.50 (no Chicken)
Et tu, Bean & Leaf? Really how could we not? Add chicken for an extra $1.50. Anchovies upon request.

Grilled Paninis – $12.50

Every day we serve a different grilled sandwich special our customers go crazy for! One time we had customers camped out overnight so they’d be at the front of the line! Check out the daily specials for the Panini of the Day!

Hot Specials – $13.50


Every day, we serve hot specials that are the envy of all other lunches. These specials are so hot, they come complete with their own posse – rice and salad! Watch out for the paparazzi on your way back to work.

Middle Eastern Plate – $14.00
All of our delicious middle-eastern menu items, served together on a plate. Hummus, falafel, grape leaves, tabbouli and tahini sauce. Topped off with a salad and served with pita bread.

Soup, Chili & Stew

Soups are a meal at the Bean & Leaf. All of our soups are made from scratch and served with your choice of fresh pita or crackers.
Please call for our daily soup selection

12oz – $6.50
16oz – $7.50



Nobody mixes together vegetables and puts dressing on them better than the Bean & Leaf. After all, leaf is part of our name! All salads are served with fresh pita bread.

Dressings: Greek, Low-fat Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Catalina, and our homemade house dressing Carrot Ginger

Garden, Greek, or Caesar – Small $7.00, Large $9.00
Kale or Spinach Salad – Small $8.25 small, Large $9.25

Add any chicken salad. egg salad or tuna salad for $2.00 per scoop

Garden, Greek, or Caesar – With Grilled Chicken – Small $11.00, Large $13.00

Taco Salad – Small $11.00, Large $13.00

Green Goddess – $13.00
Garden Salad topped with turkey, swiss & proscuitto or ham

Nicoise Salad – $13.00
Greek Salad topped with tuna and anchovies (upon request)

Middle Eastern Plate – $14.00
Falafel w/tahini, Hummus,  Grape leaves, Tabbouleh, lettuce, tomato, feta, cucumbers, onions, carrots and olives – Choice of dressing

– Add Avocado $1.50 extra on salads –



Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad (12oz container) – $7.00
Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad (24oz container) – $14.00
Grape Leaves (8oz container) – $4.00
Hummus (8oz container) – $4.00
Side Salad (12oz) – $4.50
Kind Bars – $3.00
All Potato Chips, Sunchips, Pita Chips & Pretzels – $2.00
Fruit Cup – $6.00
Greek Yogurt – $3.00
Granola Bar – $3.00



Soda – $2.00
Nantucket drinks – $3.00
Snapple – $3.00
Sparkling water – $3.00
Water – $2.50
Pellegrino – $3.00
Orangina – $3.00
Vitamin Water – $3.00